Monday, May 12, 2008

The 1st Annual Legion of Doom Reunion?

As I reflected this afternoon, about how our special reunion went this past Saturday, I seemed to be amazed & encouraged at the workings of our gracious God.

Many ex-Faith Community Church (FCC) members showed up this past weekend, not really knowing what to expect, yet they knew God had a plan. There were so many familiar faces that had emerged, some of which we just never were able to say goodbye, but it seemed by God’s providence that he had reunited us all together yet again. I also met some new friends that had issues well after my departure at FCC. And it broke my heart that they too had to experience the cold heartedness of FCC and their ridiculous shunning practices.

Some had raised the question, “Are we all trying so desperately to re-create that joy we had experienced there in days past at FCC, as some have suggested”? It sure didn’t come across that way. Many of us where encouraged by one another’s exodus testimony as well as the many ministry opportunities since our departures.

(Legion of Doom members from Left to Right)
Dustin: aka Bizarro, Joey: aka Sinestro,
Clark: aka Lex Luthor,
Mr. Mike: aka Toyman, John: aka Scarecrow,
Mike: aka the Riddler,
Mark: aka Captain Cold, Joel: aka Brainiac

Loads of tears were shed, and much forgiveness was received. Was Robert Morey’s name brought up? Sure, how could it not have been? It seemed however, when his name was brought up, many of the faces seemed to portray pity for the man.

Overall I believe the consensus was, much prayer is still needed. And so we continue to pray for those poor blinded souls there at Faith Community Church. We pray God might bring a quick resolution to this Morey problem. Might Justice and Mercy ring true!

In the end, God was and will continue to be glorified!


x-fcc said...

yes, glory be to God. He dispersed people away from fcc to get them under the care of a shepherd with a genuine heart (1Cor 13). Now He's bringing many of them back together to do some repairing of relationships and at the same time bringing to light morey's shady dealings with the saints the last 15 years. This is providing much comfort to the them. This obviously is God's providential timing. He is sovereign. He is the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Morey's attack on the mulroney, maxham family paved the road for his past to have the light shined on it, thanks to Joel and Nikki. In morey's mind would not be surprised if his attacks on lenny, javier, clark, maxham, mulroney were by design. When they bought the fcc building, why was the deal structured so that upon sale, morey/morey family would reap a potential windfall? Wonder if John Piper, John MacArthur, Kennedy or Sproul would do something like that? Didn't Apostle Paul say he'd hate it if people thought he was in the ministry for profit motive? Makes you wonder if morey really wanted to run the church like a caring shepherd or was just biding time until he had excuse to sale for the $$$ he never got as an orthodontist? his crazy actions force us all to wonder what schemes he's weaving. maybe we never know. Trust God to work things out. Remember ephes 5:11 and to love thy neighbor (warn them of predators out to get em).

Gadfly J said...

Many valid and poignant points there x-fcc...certainly some food for thought. Thanks

Nicki Hughes said...

Does anyone have first hand knowledge about the details of the "deal" in regards to the sale of the FD building? Is it set up truley so that Morey and Family will receive a very large sum of money? Or are we all just assuming that? And does anyone know if he really did take out equity($250,000) on his home like he claimed many times from the pulpit. They seemed to be running a lot of the ministry with the "equity money" for a really, really long time. Just curious if that is fact or just another lie?

By the way- great article Joey. Thanks for posting.

Gadfly J said...

Not sure regarding Morey's equity claims...however I did come across this little nugget.

Property Tax Information for FISCAL YEAR 2007-2008

gladtobegonefromFCC said...

nicki, according to the grapevine, tim, the gray-haired guy who runs the tape ministry at FD is one source for the account that when building sale closes, mr. morey's family will reap a windfall in addition to dr. wurz, morey's deep pocket backer at that time. Tim definitely told this to at least one individual and we think more. why he would not be truthful about this? This account from tim is roughly 3 years old. In other words, they set it up that way in the beginning by testimony of tim. Has it changed since then? unlikely. Others close to morey also know about this.

nick hughes said...

gadlfy j,

I was reviewing the link you gave me about Property Taxes. Having a hard time understanding. It seems like the previous owner had a large outstandiing balance from 01. And it also seems funny that Morey only paid $164.00 last Oct., but I don't know much about this kind of stuff. If you don't want to discuss this on your blog you can email ne at Thanks.


PS- I have found out that there are at least 3 people, not including Tim, that know of details in reguards to the sale of the building and Morey allocated a large sum of money if it sells.

Gustavo Arellano said...

Here's my take:

Next time you folks have a picnic, make sure to invite me!

Clark said...

If you want to know about people making money off of the sale of the building then you should ask someone who is one of the LP (Limited Partnership) members. These are the people who actually own the building and who raised the funds to purchase it for a significant return on their investment.

If the building does not sell for a certain amount and the LP cannot make back its investments then you can bet people will likely sue FD for mismanaging their investment.

Clark said...

Also, I would like to point out that just because someone is a member of the LP that owns the FD building does not mean that they sought to exploit the church in order to profit. Though this may have been Morey's plan (and we may never know the answer to that question) this does not mean that we can assume the same of the rest of the LP. We must be careful only to bear witness to the facts and be mindful of violating the command not to give false witness even if it is against a charlatan like little Bobby Morey.

That said, I do recognize that those LP investors would have been wise to consider who would ultimately be paying them off (the church) and who they would ultimately be profiting off by entering into such a high risk investment (again, the church). However, I don't doubt that many (not all) of the LP invested because the trusted Bob and thought they were furthering Christ's kingdom. Bobby is cunning like a serpent and as harmful as one too. And i speak from experience.

P.S. No, I am not a member of the LP.

ex-fcc said...

Although many us don't know all the details of the business deal and contracts, there are some who investigate the matter and claim that the way the LP contract is written, if anything goes wrong and bob or whoever does not pay off the LPs as expected, if those LP investors attemtpt to go to court to get their funds back, they will have a very difficult time obtaining any funds because of the contradictory contract language. Agree completely that LP members didn't seek to exploit the church to make a profit from the building or future sale of building. it be nice if those in the know on this topic would save of all a lot of time and simply lay out the specifics for everyone so we can avoid over-speculation and wasting time. speak up people.

Anonymous said...

Morey is trying to sell the faith defenders building to hotel developers

Lourdes said...

Forgive me for not posting sooner but my duties of going to work, school, cooking, and cleaning had the best of me this week.

I too had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing a bunch of old faces. I too was also brought to tears. These were tears of joy however, knowing that the LORD has moved us all on to where he Providentially has for us to serve, fellowship, and learn. This was in no way a picnic where we were all conspiring on our “next move” to bring down FCC, as we were accused of doing in 2006 when we left the church. Hard to believe the lie that was spread about us that we were mass producing videos that were going to bring down the ministry. I think it would be a little hard to have our printing press in our garage amongst our cats and their litter boxes.

Putting all joking aside, I know that all who I have spoken with do have a motive in this whole situation. That is that we continue to pray for those that are still there and are being fed lies week after week. Our concern is that a lot of behaviors are being condoned and in some cases encouraged to take place. A lot of individuals, families, and marriages are being destroyed. It’s almost like the scripture that states, “Brother will turn on brother”, except this enmity is not because we are Christians being persecuted by our own families but we are being persecuted by those who are still there at FCC and Morey himself. This is all in the name Morey himself, and that is a very scary thing

We will not waiver in our continued prayer for those that are still there. We love them dearly and know that at this time they are being deceived. We would restore relationships should they chose to do so as we have with the others who have sought it. We know Providentially the LORD will expose Morey, because what is done in the dark will be exposed in the light. GOD shall not be mocked.

lenny said...

i put up new post at joels blog (part 50 may 24, 2:44 pm

MGB all

Anonymous said...

Loudres - you are saying that those who left are being persecuted by those who remain and that as a result, marriages and families are being torn apart?

It would be an invasion of privacy to request an example, but your claims seem unlikely.