Sunday, May 18, 2008

“Prince Caspian” in Culver...

Lourdes & I spent a nice evening in Culver City friday night. Our old stomping grounds never looked as different as it did this night. We took my nephew to see “Prince Caspian”, which was a really superb movie.

Prince Caspian depicts an epic battle between good and evil, as the Narnians struggled to free themselves from living under the oppressive reign of someone who is not the rightful king.

A roar from a ram's horn summons the four youthful English siblings back in time to Narnia. The horn blower is Prince Caspian, the rightful heir to Narnia's throne. His legacy is being challenged by his uncle Meraz’s newborn son.

From the depths of the earth, to the birds above, to the cyclonic forces of the inland waters, battles will rage at the roar of the brave lion, Aslan to aid in the conquest of Prince Caspian's throne.

"The fate of all lies with the Destiny of One."

The movie spends a little bit more time on battle scenes then I would have expected. And because of the focus on the warfare and the numerous battles, the film lacked an innocence that the first one so brilliantly conveyed.

It’s a turbulent sequel full of fantasy and fun for everyone and the little dwarfs too! My nephew really enjoyed himself as well.


Lourdes said...

I would totally agree with you on the fact that being back in Culver City felt like we were in a different world. It didn’t seem like this was the place we grew up and fell in love in. It felt like we hadn’t been there forever despite the fact that we’re in Culver City a few times a month. Maybe it’s because we are never on that side of town. Despite so many changes some things never change, like Titos Tacos; still the best Mexican food EVER. I can’t say that there is anything that even comes close to it in the South Bay.

I will also agree with you on the movie. It was great, but I thought the first one did an awesome job in portraying the contrast of good and evil and how much of the enemies’ lies we buy into. In this movie there was one part however that moved me to tears. I am sure that at my age my memory doesn’t recall things that great, so bare with me. The scene implicates how much of God’s mercy is upon and how we don’t deserve it. I cant really remember much about the scene, but remember whispering in your ear how I felt like this how we come to appreciate God’s goodness towards us.

All in all, despite pain for me and breathing issues with you, I had a great time with you and Daniel. It’s always a good opportunity to have some fun with him and allow him to see JESUS in our lives!

jude3dude said...

The tacos at Titos are GOOD, but they are NOT the best Mexican food in the South Bay. Check out Josie's Place and Martha's - both in Gardena (South Bay)!!!