Sunday, July 20, 2008

[EXCLUSIVE] The Wessels Case Against "Dr." Robert Morey And The Research And Education Foundation Briefly Stated

During the early 1990's, Larry and Gary Wessels worked as volunteers for the "Research And Education Foundation (REF)." A record of this is found in the 59 page report "A Brief Pictorial History Of The Research And Education Foundation (REF) 1990-1994." During their service with REF, they were both loaning money to the ministry for videos and other ministry works. They did this in good faith keeping records and receipts of all ministry funds and expenses hoping to be repaid. Larry Wessels who was the most involved with REF loaned $28, 918.26, and Gary Wessels loaned $4,066.91. They spoke with Dr. Robert Morey about the money they were loaning to the ministry. This testimony is documented at Dr. Robert A. Morey Exposed! as both audio and video for all to see. The evidence that Dr. Robert A. Morey knew full well of these loans is clearly seen in the 1992 REF Tax Form prepared by Gary Wessels and signed by none other than Dr. Robert A. Morey himself. This form was even mailed by Dr. Bob with his own handwriting on the envelope. This evidence is found in the 27 page report "The Case Of Truth Seeker Bob's Alleged Amended 1992 Tax Return."

This became a great concern for Larry and Gary Wessels which forced them to negotiate the REF loans with Dr. Bob. To settle the dispute, the Moreys and the Wessels formed and signed a
legal document with their respective lawyers present entitled the "AGREEMENT OF THE PARTIES". When it became clear that the Moreys did not want to pay the Wessels back for their loans to REF, a scandal erupted. Dr. Bob began sending national mail outs slandering the Wessels brothers asking for financial support and accusing them of embezzlement. This is documented in the 3 page report "Robert Morey's URGENT WARNING Slandering The Wessels Brothers" Larry Wessels responds to this in his report "Larry Wessels Letter Responding To Robert Morey's URGENT WARNING," and "Morey's REF Vindicated Slandering The Wessels Brothers." There was an arbitration ruling on this issue between the Wessels brothers and the Morey's regarding the REF scandal. The arbitration board ruling was in favor of the Wessels brothers this is found in the 5 page report "Arbitration Board Declarations." Not only has Dr. Bob not paid off the loans to the Wessels brothers, but he states that they were unauthorized and accuses them of stealing money. Several former members of FCC have attested to Morey's slander of the Wessels brothers referring to them as either the "Russell" brothers or the "Wiesel" brothers.

Since that time, many that were personally associated with Morey and his ministries have now left for ethical problems in Morey's character. Especially with the current controversy involving this blog (The Saint Augustinian), Joel Hughes blog, and OC Weekly to name a few. To get more information you can check the Morey links page. These are people that have been on staff for Morey both with "Faith Defenders" and FCC. Mike and Debbie Stephens who worked with Morey with REF also worked with him in "Faith Defenders" and FCC. The Stephens have attested that Morey has slandered the Wessels brothers over the years. The pdf, audio, and video evidence from the 90's that is being placed on the internet speaks out against the Stephens loyalty to Dr. Bob. But the Stephens have now renounced their loyalty to Dr. Bob and his ministry. They are now on good terms with Larry and Gary Wessels.

I would invite any and all readers who have heard Morey repeat his account of the REF scandal to comment on this blog with their account of what they heard. If anyone has audio of Dr. Bob speaking of this on Bob Morey Live or any other kind, that audio would be appreciated.

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