Monday, August 18, 2008

NEWS FLASH! "Mike Stephens Interview" On Dr. Robert A. Morey Exposed!

For the readers that don't know who Mike Stephens is, his significance as a witness to Dr. Robert Morey's abuses is critical. Mike Stephens after having worked with the late Dr. Walter Martin and later as the producer of the Bible Answer Man show with Hank Hanegraaff left to work for Dr. Bob Morey for a period spanning about 11 years. In the 1990s he worked for the "Research and Education Foundation" (REF) and was the producer of Morey's then radio program "Truth Seekers." He then worked for "Faith Defenders," was the producer of "Bob Morey Live," and was a member of "Faith Community Church," (the church Morey pastors). He parted ways with Dr. Bob in 2005, his testimony and reasons for leaving are found in the four mp3 files below. This interview also explains how Dr. Bob had misinformed Mike about the Wessels brothers and used him in his mail outs as a witness against them. Now the tables have turned as Mike Stephens is now a witness on behalf of the Wessels brothers against Dr. Robert Morey.

Mike Stephens Full-Length Interview 1

Mike Stephens Full-Length Interview 2

Mike Stephens Full-Length Interview 3

Mike Stephens Full-Length Interview 4