Friday, September 26, 2008

Mike Christopulos Writes To Herman Otten Regarding Bob Morey!

Here are picture scans of a letter written to Herman Otten of the Christian News regarding his endorsement of Morey's book on Eastern Orthodoxy. The pdf version of the letter can be downloaded here.

A New Blog Has Emerged Documenting Bob Morey's Latest Controversy!

For years Bob Morey has been criticised for being the lone elder at FCC, accountability being the constant concern with him. This concern took center stage with the controversy regarding Morey's former assistant Pastor Clark Gallagher in Jan. of 2007 resulting in an FCC church split. Then again earlier this year with the controversy involving three FCC staff members that departed from the ministry resulting in yet another FCC church split. Joel Hughes has written several blog articles on The Abuses Of Dr. Robert Morey. A few months after this, finally on May 18th, 2008 Morey ordained three elders at FCC. But then two months later a shocking turn of events, yet another controversy erupted resulting in two of the elders resigning their position and removing themselves from the membership of FCC on July 18th, 2008. A new blog has emerged documenting the goings on at the FCC elders meetings that lead up to the departure of these two elders. This situation is also connected to the departure of Glenn Hendrickson and the posts that he has made relating to Morey's abuses. And so the Dr. Robert A. Morey saga continues...

The 1992 REF Tax Form With The Signature Of Dr. Robert A. Morey!

For those who haven't seen them, here are some picture scans regarding the 1992 REF Tax Form.
We can see two things from this first picture scan.
1. The IRS received this document as it is seen in this picture.
2. It indicates that there were loans payable to an almost combined 33,000 dollars to Larry and Gary Wessels.

We can see three things from this picture scan.
1. Point 41 states that "The books are in care of Anne Morey" (Robert Morey's wife).
2. It was signed by none other than Dr. Robert A. Morey himself.
3. The 1992 REF Tax Form was prepared by Gary Wessels with Robert Morey present.

This last scan reveals that the form was mailed by Dr. Bob himself.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

George Bonneau Speaks About His Court Cases Against Dr. Robert Morey!

Many may not know who George Bonneau is, but he started a company called Crown Publications which published several of Dr. Robert A. Morey's books in the 80's and early 90's. Here is an interview he did with Larry Wessels explaining how Morey breached his contract with Crown Publications when he published his book "Islam Unveiled" (now Islamic Invasion). It is 17:20 minute interview that is enlightening to be sure.