Friday, September 26, 2008

A New Blog Has Emerged Documenting Bob Morey's Latest Controversy!

For years Bob Morey has been criticised for being the lone elder at FCC, accountability being the constant concern with him. This concern took center stage with the controversy regarding Morey's former assistant Pastor Clark Gallagher in Jan. of 2007 resulting in an FCC church split. Then again earlier this year with the controversy involving three FCC staff members that departed from the ministry resulting in yet another FCC church split. Joel Hughes has written several blog articles on The Abuses Of Dr. Robert Morey. A few months after this, finally on May 18th, 2008 Morey ordained three elders at FCC. But then two months later a shocking turn of events, yet another controversy erupted resulting in two of the elders resigning their position and removing themselves from the membership of FCC on July 18th, 2008. A new blog has emerged documenting the goings on at the FCC elders meetings that lead up to the departure of these two elders. This situation is also connected to the departure of Glenn Hendrickson and the posts that he has made relating to Morey's abuses. And so the Dr. Robert A. Morey saga continues...

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Ron Hodgman said...

Found this on a discussion thread with the topic "Raging Homo" on Biblical Thought:


Tom N-U

Hi guys,
I was surfing the web and found this article about “Dr Bob” what do you have to say about this?

Robert Morey Thrown Out Of His Denomination

After refusing to meet with board officials of the Reformed church movement with whom he has been a credentialed member, over further and repeated allegations of unethical activity, Robert Morey of ‘Faith Defenders’, based in Orange County, California has been told to resign from the ‘Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals’ a major Reformed Conservative Evangelical organization.

Morey has been plagued with multiple charges of everything from gross and habitual financial impropriety to documented proof of misrepresentation of the convictions of others, to academic fraud with a bogus doctorate in Islam amidst outragous claims as “having read everything in the US Library of Congress on Islam” (over 7,000 volumes, monograms etc. to say nothing of the fact he cannot read Arabic). A constant array of charges of abusive leadership by members and former members of his church and disassociation from him by many if not most of his former colleagues no longer willing to invite him to participate in the conference circuit, Morey has lost both his radio broadcast and his building plus many church members and now appears to be in the process of losing what declining credibility he has left in his self inflicted course of demise driven by the ramifications of his own actions. Now ‘FIRE’ have requested his resignation from it.

The statement below was circulated to all members of the Fellowship of Independent Reformed Churches.

Notice to FIRE members:

Robert Morey (Orange, CA) has resigned as an individual member of FIRE at the unanimous request of the Board. A FIRE member-church requested the Board’s assistance in resolving issues with Dr. Morey that had spread outside his congregation and affected other churches, Christian organizations and individuals. The Board received substantial evidence of a pattern of behavior in which Dr. Morey abused his pastoral authority and grossly mistreated people under his care. After Dr. Morey refused a request to meet with members of the Board in a conference call concerning these matters, the Board unanimously requested his resignation.

On behalf of the Board,
Bruce A. Ray

Nov 13th, 2008

Stephen Macasil


Keep surfing, you’ll find more. Most of it comes from a group of disgruntled ex-church members. We talk to other churches all the time that also have disgruntled, bitter, ex-church members and attendees. The only difference is that ours are more bold because we have an apostasy support system whereas other churches don’t. This report seems to have bought in to it…

[I have no clue what this means?????? Perhaps Stephen meant to say they have a apostasy support system? Why would FCC have an apostasy support system? Stephen at times appears to make stupid statements like Robert Morey has a tendency to do. Am I missing something here because I am tired or what? Maybe Stephen is being honest and admitting that FCC is apostate, therefore FCC has an apostasy support system to keep its members apostate? - RZH]

It’s a strange situation down here, but keep us in prayer.

[And I should pray for what????? That the apostate support system of FCC works or it fails? - RZH]

Nov 13th, 2008

Sir Aaron

Don’t these guys have anything better to do?

[Sure, they could be wasting time reading and posting on Biblical Thought - RZH]

Nov 13th, 2008

Mario Herrera


I second Stephen’s comment. There are individuals out there who have been a part of this ministry who have sought out their own desires. They have become disgruntled and bitter and apostasized.

[However Stephen appears to state that maybe FCC has the apostasy support system? - RZH]

When a man is called by God to spread God’s revealed truth, the bible tells us he will be hated. The prophets, apostles, and Christians through the ages have been slandered falsely and murdered! Paul testified to this throughout his writings. Christ said we’d be hated on account of his name!

We are committed to declare the truth, the whole counsel of God, whether it is popular or not. In the end, it should be the goal of Christians to spend their time contending for the truth, declaring the gospel, and equipping the saints!

[And FCC has an apostasy support system to defend God's truth or the enemies of FCC has the apostasy support system against God's truth? Much being claimed but where is the evidence? - RZH]

Faith Community OC is thriving by God’s Grace, Jesus said He would build his church and the gates of hell should not prevail against it. If the gates of hell will not prevail against it, then we need not worry about bitter disgruntled individuals who goal is to bite and devour, completely against what Scripture declares.

Grace and Peace to you and your family!

Nov 14th, 2008

[If you desire to be equipped buy books by James White of AOMin, R. C. Sproul, John Piper, John Owen, Jonathan Edwards, John MacArthur, and other Calvinist writers and don't waste your money or time on Robert Morey books. - RZH]