Thursday, October 23, 2008

California Measure Prop 8, And The Presidential Election

This November 4th we will be electing a new president along with our other leaders in Washington and home state. Proposition 8 has caught my eye since it reflects the significance of the cultural change in our nation. Prop 8 will eliminate same sex marriage to be recognized by the state of California as a legitimate marital union.

These adds are found on the Internet and television promoting the rights of same sex couples to marry. Now if you are a Christian, then the moral aspect of this issue is biblically settled. There is no question that this is wrong, Lev. 20:13, Rom. 1, 1Cor. 6:9, for openers. But given that we live in an era that promotes homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle and frowns upon the biblical code of conduct, these verses are considered out dated. The adds that are being posted for prop 8 are concerned with how this lifestyle will be taught to our children in schools. And this is a valid concern, but what is at stake goes much further than just teaching this alternative lifestyle to kids. This is about the very definition of marriage and the consequences that follow from this paradign. This country has historically fought for a christian view of traditional family values on marriage being between one man and one woman.

If you believe that same sex marriage should be recognized by all, then there are a questions to consider. By what philosophical, sociological, or political basis can you deny a person's right to a polygamous marriage? Should we recognize marriage between siblings? What if a woman wants to marry her biological father? What if a man wants to marry his biological mother? What will the new definition of marriage be? If you deny any of these unions, there must be a logical reason to do so. If you don't see anything wrong with any of these unions then you have rendered the very institution of marriage meaningless.

If you are a christian, you may be wondering if your vote will even matter. You may feel that the polls indicate that the election is already decided. I would remind you that the polls are not always reliable, in 1984 the polls indicated a closer race when on election day Reagan won by a landslide. In 1996 the polls indicated Clinton was ahead by 15 to 20 points when he won by 7. This election will not be decided until November 4th. I believe that because of this defeatist mentality that many Christians stay home on elections and in essence surrender their vote. I've often wondered what would happen if we all spoke with one united voice to elect a president. Maybe some day I'll find out.

Many of you may feel that the election is lost no matter which candidate wins. But as you elect your next president and other public officials consider what you are voting for. For instance, if prop 8 passes in California it will probably be challenged in court by liberal activists and possibly be thrown out as "unconstitutional" (apparently same sex marriage is protected by the constitution) by liberal judges. But who appoints our supreme court judges? It is our elected leaders that put them there. Consider the issues as a whole as they impact our culture when you vote. If traditional family values matter to you, then prayerfully vote for the candidates that will appoint judges that will enforce God honoring laws. Ask yourself which candidate is against abortion? Which candidate is against same sex marriage being recognized by the state? Which candidate is more qualified to protect you from terrorism? Which candidate is against raising taxes?

Please consider all these issues as November 4th approaches, the Lord's will be done.

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