Friday, November 7, 2008

Larry Wessels Email About Robert Morey

Greetings to all,

As many of you already know, the previous couple of weeks have been very interesting. Before I get into all of that I'd like to let you know about the informative material from the Apologetics Index concerning "Abusive Churches Discourage Questions." This subject definitely relates to current events & you should find it fascinating reading.

I was planning to send out a general update a few weeks ago but one event after another kept happening that I found myself constantly being delayed. Many of you are already aware of some of the things I'll mention here since I did e-mail some of the goings on to a limited number of you with appended attachments & documentation.

The Fellowship of Independent Evangelicals (F.I.R.E.) has kicked Robert Morey of Faith Defenders out of their organization. The board of that organization issued a statement to all their members citing their reasons why. They have not officially allowed a public posting of their announcement yet but some of the things they mentioned after substantial evidence was reviewed (inside sources say they had at least 11 signed statements from witnesses) were: Morey abused his pastoral authority, badly mistreated people, & refused to meet with the FIRE board to discuss these issues. The FIRE board unanimously asked Morey to resign from their organization which he did. Morey, in his typical fraudulent fashion, put a whole new spin on this story blaming FIRE instead of himself on his website trying to hide the gravity of this situation under the rug from the general public. This is what Morey always does when he is caught red-handed, he just tries to focus blame somewhere else.

Early in October 2008 Morey's "Faith Defenders" filed a "copyright infringement" complaint with Yahoo!.com through their copyright department to have the 13 anti-Morey long version videos we had posted on Yahoo Video removed from the Internet. Morey's "infringement" argument succeeded in knocking our 13 shows off temporarily. I contacted a local copyright specific law firm here in Austin & worked with them to counter-notify Yahoo!.com that this "copyright infringement" argument by Faith Defenders was bogus. Yahoo!.com then gave Morey & his "Faith Defenders" cult 10 days to sue us in court with a restraining order. Of course we were ready to go to court & prove our case but as it turned out "Truth Seeker" Bob & his band of "Faith Defenders" turned tail & did nothing! Therefore, Yahoo!.com reinstated our right to have our anti-Morey videos re posted on Yahoo Video. At the time of this writing we have uploaded 2 of the original 13 shows: 1. "Does God Love Everybody? Faith Defenders Robert Morey Condemns Himself & 2. The Christian & Conspiracies: Faith Defenders Robert Morey Falsely Accuses #2. To see these just go to Yahoo Video & once on their homepage search "Robert Morey" Hopefully over the next week or two we'll have all of the rest of them back up. By the way, you can still see all 13 long version shows on Google Video right now since they remained online the entire time. This waste of time incident with Morey's bogus "infringement" garbage reminds me of the 1990's when he fraudulently took away my home telephone number by sending the telephone company a fake letter supposedly by someone else (this is all documented here). One of our 58 shows dealing with Morey on Youtube also covers this. By the way, our Youtube shows on Morey have now had over 11,000 viewings!

Morey is currently circulating the rumor that he may have a "life threatening" illness of some kind. Morey's record of being a fraud & con man is well established. That's why I am able to put all this stuff on the Internet & shout this stuff about Morey from the mountain tops because everything I'm saying about his fraudulent activity is true & documented & he can't do a thing about it. Now why in the world would I believe a man like this when he says he has a "life threatening illness"? What better way for a con man to get sympathy & support. If I say "I'm dying" then everybody feels sorry for me. Don't believe this man unless he can come up with verifiable medical proof that has been validated by independent sources. Has he told anyone what this "life threatening illness" specifically is? So far the best evidence I've heard for Morey being ill comes from my dear friend Bob L. Ross who simply told me in a short e-mail that Morey "looks" like he is ill based on some of his latest photos.

Finally, I did report Morey to several law enforcement agencies for criminal investigation. I sent my complaints via e-mail & certified mail & I have my signed certified receipts back from all of them. I filed a criminal complaint with the Internal Revenue Service for all the financial mischief Morey has been up to at his "Faith Community Church" & his "Faith Defenders" outfit, not to mention his dealings with others, I reported Morey for mail fraud to the United States Postal Inspection Service, I reported Morey to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on a wide range of issues, & I reported Morey for criminal investigation to the Orange County District Attorney's office. The Orange County District Attorney wrote me a letter suggesting I report Morey to the Police Department where Morey resides (Orange, California). I'll get around to doing that soon. The District Attorney's letter closed with the encouraging statement, "we intend to consider your complaint further. If it is determined that legal action by this office is appropriate, you will be contacted."

Anyway, you can see that October was a busy month.

Stay close to the Lord Jesus Christ in these evil days,

Larry Wessels
1Peter 3:15

Below is a picture of the letter sent to Larry Wessels mentioned above.


Ron Hodgman said...

I have heard rumors from various sources that Robert Morey may be ill, but these rumors go back at least four years. I agree with Bob Ross that photos of Robert Morey appear to indicate illness. Other than the photos of Robert Morey may confirm the rumors I have heard to be true; I feel it best to not say what I have heard since the sources cannot be considered unquestionable. I advise Larry Wessels to try to collect the money that Robert Morey owes him as quickly as possible in case the rumors about Robert Morey's health is true. Like Larry Wessels, I have no idea now days what is true or not true related to Robert Morey.

Anonymous said...

I was never a member, but I used to visit Faith Community Church a few years ago. Joel Hughes was a teacher for a class on how to study the Bible; I attended many of his classes.

Does Joel have his own blog where I can contact him? I viewed him as being different from Mr. Morey, but in a good way.

What happened to the church? All that bad stuff that has happened is news to me, but it does not surprise me.