Friday, November 21, 2008

What / Who Are Moreyites?

At Biblical Thought blog there was an interesting question posted in the comments section. The answer given by the BT blogger is very intriguing for me because it shows a little something about the mind set of a disciple of Bob Morey.

What / Who are a moreyites?
Nov 19th, 2008

There is technically no fixed definition for the term "moreyite" given that there are a so few of them. The term moreyite is used to denote a disciple of the teaching ministry of Dr. Robert A. Morey. They tend to display many or all of the following characteristics in varying degrees.

1. They accept the claims and assertions of Bob Morey on his personal and academic background at face value.
2. They unquestioningly accept Bob Morey's claims on theology, philosophy, and history as fact.
3. They emulate and repeat Bob Morey's talking points verbatim in discussions of faith and morals.
4. They (like Bob Morey) condescendingly belittle other Christians that disagree with them and people of other faiths accusing them of changing the subject.
5. They turn away any evidence of wrong doing on the part of Bob Morey always giving him the benefit of the doubt.
6. They disassociate from former church members that find Bob Morey's behaviour to be unethical.
7. They charge any critic of Bob Morey with "slander and gossip" (a Morey mantra) and call former FCC members "disgruntled" and "apostates".

This is just a working definition and description of some of the negative characteristics that these people share. They are also very zealous for the things of God and treat each other as a family when you become part of that circle. They are theologically oriented bunch that have a fire to teach and preach the gospel to a dying world. But once you step outside that circle, things change as outlined point 6.

Moreyites, Are those people who gain an interest and focus in a man.
They are not really there to be an active part of the body.

This is not how the term has been used by those who are no longer in ministry with Morey. Most if not all those who have worked with Morey belong to other churches involving themselves in other ministries. Larry Wessels for instance has a ministry that continues to do apologetics on Islam, Roman Catholicism, and the cults.

Identifying and exercising gifts, being a blessing to those around them, being accountable to God through each other. In the end, when things don’t work out the way they expect, they leave because they are not really interested in the church, which is made up of believers, not a building or any individual man!

This is clearly a false statement by the blogger for two reasons.
1. These people continue to serve God elsewhere.
2. He cannot see into the heart of those who have left FCC and judge their motives.

We are well aware of the fact that we as sinners, wil fail each others expectations, violate each others rights at times.

This by the way is an example of point 3 where Morey tells all his followers that he will fail them...

But we are soldiers in the Army of the King of Kings! We press on together, and we by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, are not those who abandon our brothers! We stand together and reach out as aministry to the world!
Nov 20th, 2008

The phrase "We....are not those who abandon our brothers!" I find ironic in light of points 6 and 7. But we will continue to pray and hope that one day they will realize that we care for them and hope that they will see Dr. Robert Morey for who he is.


Ron Hodgman said...

Excellent posting

Was anyone aware of plans to tear down the Faith Defenders building in Irvine, CA to build a new four story Marriott Hotel? I am seriously considering attending the zoning meeting on this project just because I am interested in the fate of this all too controversial building.

Ron Hodgman said...

Information on purchase and sale of Faith Defender building found by Banacek was posted today on "True Faith Defender's Blog". Your Lt. Columbo may find the information interesting and he is free to add any of it to his collection.

Ron Hodgman said...

Your posting appears to be very accurate:

Strange it appeared the rebuke was removed; but it was restored along with a second rebuke.

I have been rebuked by many cults and told so many times I will burn in Hell forever unless I repent that 1, 2, or 3 more rebukes mean nothing because I cannot recall how many times I have been rebuked already. I am of the opinion that only by the grace of God will I end up in Heaven because I have been condemned to Hell way to many times by persons who claim to speak for God.

It appears that Robert Morey is trying to change his image but can a leopard change his spots? It will be interesting to see if this new attempt at selling Robert Morey as a great Christian writer will work.

"Can the Ethiopian change his skin Or the leopard his spots? Then you also can do good Who are accustomed to doing evil." - Jeremiah 13:23

Curious George said...

It is important to note that the criticisms of those who left FCC were not on Morey's support of the church but on Dr. Morey's ethical behavior. They are as the writer stated still seeking the Lord and being part of the church. It is a strange way to define a Moreyite as one who use to follow Morey because they are disassociating themselves from him. Would we call someone who use to follow calvinism as now a calvinist? No. One calls one after their name when they are holding to them or their teaching. Those who support Morey and his theology are to be known as Moreyites.

goodtogone said...

Becky wrote this at

< Ditto Mario. We are starting to become like a real church with body life. The move helped i think, with everyone not being so spread out, and the preaching schedule. With Dr. Bob not at the pulpit as often, the moreyites have probably mostly been weeded out, only leaving those who actually care about church and learning God’s word, no matter who is the vessel.>

no matter who is the vessel?

With this kind of logic and constant rationalizations that FCC moreyites come up with (and morey himself said something along the lines: a rationalization is an excuuse stuffed into the skin of a saugage and served up as truth..."), would they stay there at the church if Satan was the vessel? What will it take for Mario and Richard to finally leave FCC and admit they've condoned Morey's behavior all along and cut off contact with the saints who woke up and left FCC?

It sure seems they come up with any rationalization that suits the moment to justify overlooking RM's character issues and alleged sins against the saints... But the guys at FIRE would have none of it apparently. They saw right thru Bob's smoke and mirrors operation...and gave him the ax! I guess just pray for God to open their eyes in mercy and grace and for us to thank God for His mercies and graces to us, even to Bob himself.