Saturday, December 6, 2008

Are Dr. Robert A. Morey And His Moreyites Cultic?

The term cult is thrown around a lot in speaking of a movement polarised around some one's interpretation of the Bible. From a theological stand point theologians refer to a cult as a group of people that claim to be Christian claim to believe the Bible and always deny the creedal doctrine of the Trinity. Most by demoting the Lord Jesus to being part of the created order such as the JW's or the Mormons. Others by denying that the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit are distinct from the Father affirming that they are manifestations (modalism) such as the modern day "Oneness" Pentecostals. Aside from the theological usage of the term cult, there is also a social aspect of the term that cannot be ignored. Morey's followers are zealous to preach and teach God's word and are loyal not only to Morey but to each other. They also agree with most or all that Morey says repeating his statements verbatim, even when his views are in question in reformed circles. This loyalty causes them to turn a deaf ear to any evidence of wrong doing that could be given to them. And if one of them concludes that Morey is guilty of sin, they are then rebuked and told to repent. If they do not repent of "their sin" they are then exiled from fellowship with the group they once considered a family. Some would characterise this type of influence as mind control on the part of Robert Morey.
One instance of this can be seen in the fact that Morey can get away with accusing anyone of sin from the pulpit without providing any evidence. Clark Gallagher is a good example of this, but when they decide to defend themselves they are accused of "gossip and slander". This then becomes the catch cry of all his current followers when they speak of the same individuals. Morey will tell the church members that they are not to fellowship with these individuals unless they repent of their sin. Morey limits his followers to the selective information that he gives them and the moreyites base their conclusions on that. Any criticisms of their spiritual leader are perceived as the persecution of a great man of God. This convinces them even more that they are doing God's will because Jesus predicted that His followers would be persecuted because of His name (Mat. 24:9). I like to call this the martyr card.
At Biblical Thought there is a series of articles entitled "Why Be a Member of a Church?" and the articles are good. In the comments section of the third article we find a comment by one of the bloggers.

Dec 5th, 2008

It is fascinating to see how when this blogger refers to us as those who "Don't submit to authority,...mudslingers, slanderers, gossipers, having a 'teardown' ministry thinking they are doing God's work." They demand that we provide evidence for any claims that we make about Morey which we have. But they can charge us with all these sins without providing any evidence that we are guilty of "gossip and slander". Why isn't this statement considered mudslinging or slander, etc..? May God's grace be poured upon FCCOC.


Anonymous said...

Guilty conscience? You're so vain you probably think that comment is about you.

Ron Hodgman said...

I do not worry about statements made by anonymous persons. An excellent blog article. If I didn't know you were writing about Morey-ites; I may have believed you were writing about Campbell-ites.

Morey-ites are orthodox on their doctrine of God but in error on the gospel of grace. Morey-ites tend to sound sort of Reformed but really are not. Morey's teaching on the doctrine of the fear of God appears to miss the mark per the teachings of John Bunyan.