Thursday, January 22, 2009

Criminal Fraud & Slander Routinely Practiced by "dr" Robert Morey of "Faith Defenders"

by Larry Wessels (Just Another Morey Victim)

Romans 13:1-7

"Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you. For he is God's servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God's servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience. This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God's servants, who give their full time to governing. Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor."
Here it is 2009 and I still find myself writing warning articles to God's people about religious CON MAN "dr" Robert Morey aka "Truth Seeker Bob." I started doing articles on Morey back in 1995 when I sent out a nationwide newsletter at my own expense delivered to thousands of churches, religious organizations, & individuals entitled, "A Defense Against Criminal Slander & Fraud" along with a multitude of other documented materials posted there dealing with Morey). Not only did I send out that newsletter free of charge but also hundreds of VHS tapes & audio cassettes (now available at yahoo, google, youtube, Dr. Robert A. Morey Eposed!, and the pdf documentation here) that exposed to the public what Morey really was. Wow, how time has flown & here I am still writing about Morey to try to protect the innocent from this money grubbing charlatan in religious clothing. Morey can definitely talk the Christian talk BUT he definitely does NOT walk the Christian walk (Titus 1: 10-16). This is clearly documented in many Internet outreaches (see for starters). Just as false prophets such as Jehovah's Witnesses & Mormons are still on the loose & Christian apologists have been writing against them for years so to is Morey running loose & Christians must warn the flock of this type of deceitful danger caused by people like Morey (Acts 20:28-31).

Before I go on with this article, I can't help but think of how just the other day I was asked by someone to explain to another that the theory of evolution was untrue. I took the time to explain that Darwin's atheistic evolution theory was simply another bogus religion that was being passed off as "scientific fact" to an unsuspecting public. Wow, you should have seen the look on the face of the one I was telling this to; she did not believe me for a moment! In the same way, when I talk of the abuse, fraud, & criminal activity of "dr" Robert Morey I get the same response of overwhelming disbelief from committed "Moreyite" followers. Ostrich faith in Morey, like evolution, is a broken reed to lean on (Isaiah 36:6). Unfortunately, many make an idol out of Morey despite all evidence to the contrary.

This article deals with criminal activities & the reporting to law enforcement authorities by concerned individuals of such activities. The question arises, "Should Christians 'look the other way' or ignore known criminal activities when those activities are being perpetrated by a so-called "Christian" or worse yet, a "Christian leader?" Is it the duty of Christians to remain silent when known crimes are taking place (such as rape & murder to white collar crimes such as mail or securities fraud)? How would Robert Morey ("Truth Seeker Bob") answer this question? Let's find out! The following is from "The Truth Seeker with Bob Morey" dated January/February 1995, page 4, from Morey's article entitled, "Christians and the Courts:"

"It really does not matter if the criminal in question is a professing Christian. If anyone (regardless of race or creed) steals, rapes, murders, embezzles funds, etc., he is to be turned over to the state for justice. After all, isn't this why God set up the state? Yes! (See Romans 13:1-6.) If a professing Christian breaks the law and commits a criminal act, he is to be turned over to the state for prosecution. The Christian Church was never given a biblical mandate or the biblical authority to handle cases involving criminal law. It has no divine or legal authority to imprison criminals, levee fines, confiscate money and property, or put people to death. These are the functions of the state and not the church."

As many Christian investigators into this case already know, I also wrote another nationally distributed newsletter back in the 1990s entitled, "Bob Morey Reported to Federal & State Authorities for Mail Fraud & Extortion." Not only did I document Morey's criminal actions of unabated mail fraud (he mailed out several national "ministry" newsletters by the thousands via a non-profit bulk mail permit across state lines) by falsely accusing my brother & myself of "embezzling" thousands of dollars from his "ministry." I showed how Morey used this false story to get people to give him financial support and sympathy (his own newsletters showed letters from supporters saying they were sending Morey money because of our supposed "embezzlement"). In my newsletter I documented how I reported Morey to seven different law enforcement agencies which were: Office of U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas, Correspondence Branch-Federal Trade Commission, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania-Department of State, Financial Fraud Institute, & the Pennsylvania Attorney General Office. Some of their replies are reproduced in that newsletter. Although I then sat back & waited for something to happen nothing ever did. None of these agencies bothered to investigate the case (the U.S. Postal Inspection Service simply mailed back my original package of VHS & audio cassettes + 1000 pages of documentation seven years later unreviewed; I still have the returned package as evidence of lack of action).

In fact, instead of Morey being investigated, I faced a criminal investigation by the Internal Revenue Service because Morey filed a complaint against me! Naturally my brother & myself were completely cleared by the IRS criminal investigators (one IRS investigator even volunteered to be put on audio tape in our defense; listen to it here) & they indicated to me that Morey was the one who should be investigated! I immediately reported Morey to the IRS at that time but the IRS agents clearly told me that they were not allowed to report to anyone how the investigation would turn out. All I know is within 6 weeks of that IRS criminal investigation put into action against Morey, Morey suddenly decided to leave Pennsylvania & move to California!

Since all the law enforcement agencies I had written to had done nothing I simply wrote a few more national "Truth Seeker Bob" Updates to the general public & then just let the issue sit. From there I turned my main focus to Christian ministry while I worked my secular job. Years passed & Morey settled into California having gotten away with his fraud & slander because law enforcement agencies never investigated the case (with the exception being the IRS criminal investigators as far as I know). Unfortunately, since a leopard can't change his spots (Jeremiah 13:23), Morey started his "fraud & slander" scam on Christians in California & hence his current difficulties with them & me (in fact, as Christian after Christian was getting "burned" by Morey in California they kept contacting me to get involved again). So here I am in 2009 with Internet technology (I wish I had this back in the 1990s) reaching untold thousands with the trumpet warning about Morey.

With all this said, I'd like to update our readers of my LATEST reporting of Morey to federal & state law enforcement agencies (who knows if they will bother to do anything about this case this time either). Back in the 1990s I wrote to 7 agencies & did a verbal request to IRS criminal investigators. Throughout late 2008 I reported Morey to the following law enforcement agencies: Federal Bureau of Investigation (Los Angeles), Office of the District Attorney-County of Orange, Criminal Investigations Service Center-U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Internal Revenue Service (Fresno, CA), Orange Police Department, Irvine Police Department, Anaheim Police Department, & Office of the Inspector General-U.S. Department of Justice. I also wrote to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Philadelphia) to report Morey's henchmen Joseph T. Slavitskas & Humphrey Perez for mail fraud and extortion (Webster's Dictionary defines "extortion" as "the act or practice of wresting money, etc. from a person by force, threats, misuse of authority, or by any undo exercise of power...").

My complaints range from his well established national mail fraud crimes and verbal extortion schemes to the overwhelming number of California witnesses who are complaining of Morey's defrauding them of their finances and of Morey's defrauding of church finances. In California Morey has been particularly vicious (which is his habit) in his criminal slander against any and all Christian people (especially members of his "church") who either ask the wrong questions or he perceives as a threat to his little scam operation he has set up there. Once again I have done all I can do. If law enforcement agencies will not take the time to investigate this case then it will simply be a repeat of what happened in the 1990s. Law enforcement inactivity and the fact that other Christians who have been affected by Morey are not reporting him to authorities is what keeps Morey in business and laughing all the way to the bank with other people's money.

I'd like to mention another item of interest. As many of you alreadyknow, Morey was kicked out of the Fellowship of Independent ReformedEvangelicals (F.I.R.E.), which is an association of like-minded churches, forthe following reason according to their posted statement:

"Notice to FIRE members: Robert Morey (Orange, CA) has resigned as an individual member of FIRE at the unanimous request of the Board. A FIRE member-church requested the Board's assistance in resolving issues with Dr. Morey that had spread outside his congregation and affected other churches, Christian organizations and individuals. The Board received substantial evidence of a pattern of behavior in which Dr. Morey abused his pastoral authority and grossly mistreated people under his care. After Dr. Morey refused a request to meet with members of the Board in a conference call concerning these matters, the Board unanimously requested his resignation."

This rather ugly situation proves that:
1. Morey knows that the FIRE board has the "goods" on him.
2. Morey knows that he cannot defend himself from these charges and therefore refuses to meet with them.
3. Morey knows it's better to get out and go somewhere else where people do not know what kind of scoundrel he really is.
4. Morey has DISQUALIFIED himself as a legitimate ELDER of any Christian church! (1 Timothy 3:1-7).

F.I.R.E. has since released an 81 page report on Morey documented by numerous Christian witnesses (I was included in their report & was provided a copy as of November 24, 2008). Morey always tries to claim there are only "single witness" accusations against him trying to hide the fact that there is really a HOST of witnesses (and not just any witnesses but CHRISTIAN witnesses) against him. Morey has successfully used this "single witness" baloney on his brainwashed "Moreyite" followers who simply have not taken the time to check into the facts of the case for themselves. Despite this we have here an 81 page report filled with Christian witness after Christian witness testifying against Morey such things as Morey is a liar, a gossip, a slanderer, engager in illegal and criminal activities, immoral, filthy speech talker, lover of money, a non-Christian and on and on the list goes (Proverbs 6: 16-19 really comes to mind about Morey when this 81 page summary is read).

Unfortunately, F.I.R.E. has not given permission for this 81 page report on Morey to be distributed to the public but it has made it available to their membership. I contacted F.I.R.E. to use some of the damning information about Morey in the report for this blog article but their response was:

"Dear Larry, I submitted your request to our Executive Committee, who have declined to grant permission to post a quote from our Summary. While we are sympathetic to your concerns, we believe posting it goes beyond the original intended use of our document and the intent of those who gave us permission to include their testimonies in our Summary. We suggest you contact the original source directly and seek permission from the author. Thank you for checking with us. We do appreciate it. Blessings from the snowy Northwest. - Bruce Ray, FIRE secretary."

I decided to take the suggestion of the FIRE committee & I successfully contacted one witness in particular that had revealed very damaging criminal information about how Morey illegally acquired his church building at 17601 Fitch Avenue in Irvine, California 92614. Morey has recently sold that Fitch building to a hotel chain (Hilton I'm told) for millions of dollars (some say it was $14 million and who do you think got the millions of dollars and we can only imagine what manner of contractual finagling was done behind the scenes?). Ron Hodgman has been posting his own findings on the history and fate of the Faith Defenders building on three blogs, True Faith Defender, True Faith Defender's Blog, and Self-Feeder Christian Blog.

This particular witness sent me two e-mails with the first stating in part,

"While I believe that it was appropriate to remove Morey from FIRE, I do not think it is appropriate to post my letter on any website. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. I think Morey has already lost any and all credibility ... So what is the point of pressing Morey at this point? God will do a far better job than we could possibly ever do."

I then told him I would respect his wishes & not post his letter or mention his name. I then asked him about reporting Morey to law enforcement agencies to which his second e-mail stated,

"The principal authorities in charge of securities regulation are the US Securities & Exchange Commission, and the California Department of Corporations. I am not sure what interest the US Department of Justice would have in the Fitch Avenue property, or why you are pursuing the matter. Please explain."

I then replied with various Internet links & thanked him for his help.
Before continuing I would like to say in response to this witness' quote of Romans 12:19, "Vengeance is mine: I will repay, saith the Lord." The Apostle Paul tells you exactly how the Lord will repay on this "vengeance" just a few verses down where Romans 13:1-7 begins. One way God exercises "vengeance" is through the use of civil authorities which He has ordained to punish wrong doers. When Romans was first written chapter divisions were not in place as they are now therefore as Paul speaks of the vengeance of the Lord he flows right into to it by discussing God ordained civil "rulers" who "beareth not the sword in vain" against wrong doers. I am always amazed that Christians, when they see criminal activity, do not take action by reporting it to ordained "rulers" so that "vengeance" may occur. These Christians suppose that they should just "do nothing" and somehow "vengeance" will occur but their problem is they are not reading their Bibles accurately.

Now, back to our story- Armed with this new law enforcement contact information I immediately sent in an online complaint concerning securities violations to the US Securities & Exchange Commission. The California Department of Corporations does not take online complaints but rather you have to mail them in to: Department of Corporations, Consumer Services Office, 1515 K Street, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95814. Therefore I mailed them my complaint information about Morey's illegal acquisition involving securities fraud of the Fitch building in Irvine. As with all my criminal complaints to authorities I received a return receipt.

Since "Truth Seeker Bob" (dr) Morey is exactly what a multitude of Christian witnesses have been saying about him, namely an immoral, lying crook masquerading as a high and mighty Christian "scholar" who has "read every book in the Library of Congress" I would not be surprised if old "TS Bob" were to suddenly "take a hike." Just as when criminal investigators from the IRS told me years ago that they felt Morey needed to be investigated and within weeks he suddenly left Pennsylvania and took off for California, I would not be surprised if Morey suddenly were to "skip town" and "get out of Dodge." It's getting mighty "hot in the kitchen" there in California, particularly with the Orange County District Attorney watching him along with all these other organizations. A con man always knows when he has worn out his welcome and it's time to leave. Just as with all con men, he needs to go where no one really knows him well so he can start his scam game all over again. But as the old saying goes, "You can run but you can't hide."

The following is a recent letter I received from the Justice Department regarding Morey:

Interestingly enough, after I had completed this blog article and had sent it off to be posted I received the following e-mail from Dean Haakenson, the California Corporations Commissioner:

In reply refer to file no. CAS-41032, January 21, 2009, Re: Faith Defenders, et al.

Dear Mr. Wessels:

This e-mail is to acknowledge receipt of your written complaint regarding Faith Defenders. Your complaint was received in our office on January 12, 2009 and has been assigned the number listed above. It has been submitted to the appropriate staff for review and evaluation. We will contact you for additional information if we determine that we need it to complete that process. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Sincerely,

California Corporations Commissioner,

Dean Haakenson.

This e-mail gave me hope that perhaps, unlike the 1990s, law enforcement agencies would follow-up and investigate Morey's activities for the protection of the public good.

The Apostle Paul rightly points out the key to all of Morey's problems in 1 Timothy 6: 8-10:

"And if we have food and covering, with these we shall be content. But those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith, and pierced themselves with many a pang."

That's it for now. Stay close to the Lord during these evil days.

Larry Wessels
P.O. Box 144441
Austin, TX 78714
1 Peter 3:15


Ron Hodgman said...
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Ron Hodgman said...

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas is under investigation for activities connected to the Tony Rackauckas Foundation, a nonprofit group whose mission was to keep at risk youth out of jail. The Tony Rackauckas Foundation is now-defunct. Something about collecting money in exchange for badges. The originator of the badge program was Gabriel Nassar who recently testified in the high profile corruption trial of Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona. The foundation was disbanded in 2001 after state investigators determined that the charity failed to properly manage its assets. Frankly, I think Tony Rackauckas and Robert Morey could become jail cell mates. This per the Kindle version of the Orange County Register I received today. I believe the State of California has much more of a chance to put Robert Morey on trial, but the next Orange County District Attorney may do the job too.

Ron Hodgman said...

Issued by Moriel Ministries today:

Discredited former radio personality Robert Morey, who was kicked out of the ministry by his Reformed denomination, caught in academic fraud with a bogus doctorate which the issuing seminary said was invalid, and after having his radio program canceled, lost propriety of his church building and has announced his early retirement from his “Faith Defenders” church in California. He is reported to be leaving the state amidst a series of complaints against him to police and law enforcement agencies calling for investigation into his dealings. Morey has been accosted for everything from alleged slander to widespread financial impropriety, often by former church members and colleagues, other preachers, and by members of the Christian business community with whom he had been financially associated. He was also dropped from the Christian Conference circuit where he had in times past once been an invited speaker.

By some reports Morey is attributing his retirement to reasons of health due to the problematic aftermath of his anti-obesity surgery. Other sources are suggesting it is to help avoid possible prosecution and litigation. We offer no explanation, but we simply thank God that he is finally gone from the radar screen. May it be final. This is indeed a victory for the Body of Christ.

Below is an email sent to church members.

Dear Church Family,

The last service of Faith Community Church will be held at 1:00PM on March 1st where Dr. Morey will officially retire from pastoring. Pastors, members and friends of the church who have been blessed by Dr. Bob’s radio program, books, tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, sermons and counseling are welcome to this celebration service. Join us in the Agape Feast to follow afterward at 3:00PM. We will have a book table of Dr. Bob’s resources available for purchase at 50% discount and can be autographed. A special “retirement love offering” will be taken. “The laborer is worthy of his wages” 1 Timothy 5:18b

Heather Terry webmaster of Faith Community Church