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To Slander Or Not To Slander, That Is The Question! (The Hypocrisy Of Robert Albert Morey)

Although it is a little late, I would like to wish our readers a happy new year as we have said good bye to 2008. I believe that Bob Morey should be happy to say good bye to 2008, it was a horrific year for his reputation, ministry and church. Here are the highlights.
1. Another church split.
2. The resignation of two of the three elders he had ordained two months before.
3. Robert Morey was asked to resign from FIRE.
4. The loss of the building in Irvine.
5. Mass exposure of his sinful conduct on the internet.

Shortly before the year ended on Dec 15, 2008 one of the BT bloggers published an excerpt from a Bible commentary on receiving accusations. I would like to re post it here because the commentary gets it right on this issue. But given the backdrop of the Morey controversies it is clear that he posted it (at least in part) as a rebuke of our work.

B. H. Carroll on Receiving Accusations Against an Elder
Stephen Macasil
“Receive not an accusation against an elder, except at the mouth of two or three witnesses.”If that rule were followed strictly, many needless scandals and troubles in churches would be avoided. It is such an easy thing to call a man off and whisper, “Don’t say anything about this, but I want to tell you something about our pastor.” We should stop the whisperer at once: “Are you about to tell me something against the pastor? If so, do you know it to be true, or are you proposing to circulate a hearsay? If you know it to be true, can you furnish the corroborative testimony of other witnesses? And will you and the other witnesses go with me now and tell what you know to the pastor himself, face to face, giving him an opportunity to meet the accusation?” The whisperer will be apt to reply: “Oh, no! I don’t know anything myself. I have heard so and so.” Thus we not only silence the whisperer, but we save ourselves from becoming a partaker of his sin. The necessity for this rule, in all cases, is more emphasized in the case of a preacher, whose reputation is a large part of his capital.I had a remarkable experience on this line. I went to a certain church to help in a meeting, and noticed one man who kept praising my preaching ad nauseam, while others looked sad when they heard him. After a while he came to me and wanted to put me up against some members of the church, and especially against the pastor. I said, “Look here; you don’t know whom you are talking to. I came here to help, not to harm this pastor. I won’t hold a meeting to hurt a pastor. If you have any accusations or complaints to make, and if you can bring two or three witnesses, let us go before the pastor himself and then if necessary before the church and fairly investigate this matter before we go on with the meeting.” That sawed him off and he never praised my preaching any more.It is shameful the way good, God-fearing men are slandered by irresponsible reports against them. Bring the accuser to task and make him come out in the open and give his corroborative evidence, and allow the accused a chance to answer.Timothy is there in Ephesus, a great city with many thousands of church members, and many preachers. He is there in an apostle’s stead, and from all over the country some people, if encouraged, will be bringing him private word about some of the preachers. Paul says, “Don’t receive an accusation against an elder except at the mouth of two or three witnesses.”The Mosaic law went further: If a charge was made and not sustained, the perjurer received the punishment that the accused would have received if found guilty. Such a restriction puts a brake on the slanderer’s tongue. When we thus hold a man responsible for what he says he is not so ready to talk about people.- B. H. Carroll, An Interpretation of the English Bible, Vol. 16, The Pastoral Epistles, The Epistles of Peter

This has been the consistent teaching of Robert Morey for years based on the Bible. But has he practiced what he has preached on this very issue. Let us take a look at some of the things that Dr. Bob has published in the past on slander. These picture scans are from REF mass mailings from the 1990s, there are handwritten marks to single out points made by Morey.

Morey has chosen to take "the high road by not responding to the attacks made against him.." While "Others have taken the low road in this regard by wasting much time and money in the effort to defend themselves."

So far so good for Morey's "Nehemiah" attitude in keeping with his official position, but let us read on.

Here we have letters from two witnesses testifying that Morey was dare I say it "slandering" the Wessels brothers, what happened to Nehemiah?

Morey is now directly attacking the Wessels brothers in contradiction of the article on Nehemiah and without providing evidence against the Wessels brothers. Is Dr. Bob following Mat. 18 in these mailings? He is urging Christians to send money to help the ministry because of this story.

Christians are now sending money in support of REF in sympathy of the scandal with the Wessels brothers. Morey writes an article entitled "Christians and the Courts" where he mentions "embezzlement".

Now Anne Morey publishes a well written article on "The Sins Of Slander and Gossip" (the Morey mantra).

Morey now brings two witnesses against the Wessels brothers, Joseph T. Slavitskas and Humphrey Perez (who claims to be the arbitrator when the agreed on arbitrator was "Christ Memorial Baptist Church") however their testimony has already been refuted. But what happened to "the high road by not responding to the attacks made against him.."? Is Morey now taking "the low road in this regard and..wasted much time and money in the effort to defend.." himself?

Morey rebukes the sin of "gossip and slander" while engaging in it himself in this mailing. He cites Deut. 19:15, 1Tim. 5:19 saying that he has satisfied the requirements of the Biblical mandate. But the hypocrisy is glaring in hindsight given all the information we have provided compared to his. Yet ours is slander and his is not.

Morey is now asking for EMNR to get involved in the situation involving the Wessels brothers. This I find ironic in light of the scandal involving Morey's resignation from FIRE. Morey stated that FIRE was wrong to have gotten involved in the situation regarding Tom Maxham. I ask this question to any moreyite, why is it okay for Morey to get EMNR involved in the 1995 but wrong when Tom Maxham gets FIRE involved in 2008? This is clearly a double standard and hypocritical on the part of Robert Morey.

Bob L. Ross of Pilgrim's Publications writes a letter to EMNR lending his support to the Wessels brothers integrity. Ross then writes a note mocking Morey stating that the Wessels had stolen razor blades from REF. The following four picture scans contain Morey's letter to EMNR slandering the Wessels brothers.
EMNR did not bother to get the other side of the story, doesn't Prov. 18:17 come to mind here?

The following is a complete and larger view of the REF mailing entitled "R.E.F. VINDICATED" where he continues to slander the Wessels brothers. I remind the reader that the Wessels have already provided a refutation of Morey's claims on video and pdf.

Here Morey says "the 'single witness' slanders sent out by Larry Wessels violated 1Tim. 5:19 as well as Deut. 19:15. Not one slanderous accusation is backed up by two or three eyewitnesses." This however is simply false, the Wessels have Hank Kitchen, Jim Toungate, Bob L. Ross, Christ Memorial Baptist Church (the official arbitrator) to name a few which satisfies the requirements of those two Bible passages.

A larger view of the letters by Morey's two witnesses Slavitskas and Perez (the so-called arbitrator).

The following is a larger view of Morey's REF mailing entitled URGENT WARNING! EMERGENCY ALERT! EXTREMELY CONFIDENTIAL!

The following two picture scans are a letter from Morey to the IRS accusing George Bonneau of Crown Publications of criminal theft. Needless to say mr. Bonneau won all the court cases against Dr. Robert A. Morey. You can hear his testimony on the "Crown Publications Scandal" here, and the documentation to prove this is here.

The following two picture scans are Morey's letter to the IRS accusing the Wessels brothers of embezzlement. Of course the Wessels brothers were cleared by the IRS of any wrong doing. The interview with Hank Kitchen, Larry Wessels, and the IRS agent L. Martin investigating the case is here.

One of the questions that have been asked of us that have chosen to publish this information on Morey is "don't they have anything better to do?" Well now I ask the same question about Morey, didn't he have anything better to do when he sent all these mailings against the Wessels brothers? Will the moreyites be consistent and rebuke their pastor for wasting all this time slandering other christians? But I think the reader can see that Dr. Robert Albert Morey is a hypocrite when it comes to "slander and gossip". He can say or publish anything he wants against anyone else and it's okay, but someone says something against him and they're guilty of slander and gossip. It's right for Morey to contact EMNR to aid him against the Wessels brothers, but for Tom Maxham to contact FIRE to aid him with Morey is wrong. We are not told why, but we know it is so because Dr. Bob says it is so.

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