Thursday, March 5, 2009

Second Letter Concerning Robert Morey of "Faith Defenders" Sent By U.S. Justice Department‏

This is an email recently sent out by Larry Wessels on the status of the FBI investigation on Bob Morey.

From: Larry Wessels

Sent: Wed 3/04/09

Dear Friends & Observers,

I have now received a second letter from the United States Department of Justice which I just received in the mail a couple of days ago concerning Robert Morey of "Faith Defenders" (also going under the name of "Research & Education Foundation"). The letter is attached to this e-mail. Those of you who are not familiar with the first letter I received from the U.S. Department of Justice or the District Attorney of Orange County, California can go to my blog article on Robert Morey's criminal activities or reference it at the Morey links page along with other research material on this situation by others. I also recommend Ron Hodgman's True Faith Defender, True Faith Defender's Blog, & Self-Feeder Christian Blog on the Internet for interesting analysis of this situation.

As many of you are aware Morey is beating a hasty retreat out of California & is "supposedly" going to New York. Morey just held a final service at his California "church" to "celebrate" his "retirement" on March 1 (see the secular publication "OC Weekly: Robert Morey Retires - Praise the Lord!" for a report about this on the MOREYLINKS page). Currently Morey is under investigation by various law enforcement agencies with this latest attached letter mentioning that the "Economics Crimes Unit" of the Federal Bureau of Investigation will be looking into Morey's "possible mail fraud scheme perpetrated by the identified organization." This is just one of the criminal investigations Morey has to worry about (don't forget about the California Department of Corporations or the Internal Revenue Service among others). "New York" may not be far enough away to escape all the trouble he has coming his way.

None of this is a surprise to me since once he cashed in his "Faith Defenders" building in Irvine, California for millions of dollars, it was obvious that it was time for him to "take the money & run." When this whole bizarre scenario of greed & avarice is finally over we'll see where Morey & his "church building money" end up.

For additional reference on the 1990s "REF scandal" check out:

Dr. Robert A. Morey Exposed!
Complete video evidence on yahoo, google, and youtube.

Stay close to the Lord during these evil days,

Larry Wessels
1 Peter 3:15

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Ron Hodgman said...

Stephen Macasil appears to have finally decided to comment on the bloggers that are saying negative things about Robert Morey. All this has done is increase the reading of postings on "True Faith Defender".

He appears to be attacking a specific blogger but I am not sure who since he doesn't say whom.